The Thoughtful Pansy

Spring has arrived! All us gardeners have a special place in our heart for certain flowers. After, a long Winter it's so exciting to see crocuses pop-out in such cheerful colors. They look so beautiful in groups. One of my favorites are pansies. They flower best in Spring. All flowers have taken on particular meanings through the centuries, some vary from culture to culture. For instance my beloved pansies stem from the French word pensees which means thoughts, and the flower is poetically linked to thoughts, thoughtfulness, and remembrance, as well as love. It's believe if pansies are placed over the eyes of someone asleep, the pansy can impel the dreamer to fall in love with the first person to appear. People once believed that wearing a garland of crocuses would ward off drunkenness. So if you ever see someone with a crocus necklace you'll know why.

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