Entertain in Green!

When I think of the color green, I think fresh, earthy, healthy, and new beginnings! Start off Spring with a Going Green Party. In this tablescape I used bamboo plates and teacups. Polished stones from end to end of this long table. Small bamboo cutting boards held fruit and veggies. Tiny clay pots filled with spiced tea nuts. One teapot on a cast iron teapot warmer and, another glass teapot with filled with a blooming tea flower. A packet of seeds were placed on each green napkin, with a stone in place for each guest to take home, along with their tiny clay pot. Each of us had a 'green tip' placed on our napkin. We took turns reading our green tip out loud. Going Green Parties can be fun when each guest share tips on being more eco-friendly, gardening, and Spring cleaning. Along with endulging in a healthy menu and having a good time!

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