Cameos Are Not Just for Wearing

Cameos were very popular during the 19th and 20th century. Victorians usually wore cameos made from shell. Antique and ancient Roman era cameos are made of precious stones. Motifs differ from portraits, floral, a group portrait, or mythological characters. Some antique cameos retail for a high price. Others are mid range. I think some are quite stunning. One idea is to take vintage cameos and use in your decor. Vintage cameos are usually made of man-made material. Very inexpensive. Pin or add ribbon, tie cameo to dinner napkins. Add cameo to tie-backs for your curtains. Remove the pin off the back of a cameo and make pretty draw knobs. Use your own imagination. Create a cameo themed tea party. Use creams and soft colors, shells, pearls in your decor. You can find vintage to modern cameos at flea markets and antiques shops for as inexpensive as $5.00. Happy cameo hunting.

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