The Mud Holes of Virginia

Just got back from NC. What a trip! We traveled some country routes to NC. Wow, what beautiful mountains and views. Everything is blooming and smells so fresh. Had a super time visiting with my dad and my family. Here's some photos of a country antique store in Virginia. Tons of advertising signs and unique birdhouses that are made out of all kind of salvage collectibles. The man that owns the place makes these charming birdhouses with his father. A hobby that they have been enjoying for years. He called his hometown the mud hole of Virginia and said that we would pass quite a few mud holes on the way down to NC. I thought that was a funny way to describe your hometown. Quite a charming place, with a farm of exotic birds and varieties of pigeons. Each little barn was filled with antiques. Had a chance to go to Selma, NC to the historic district. Lots of antique shops. Came home with some goodies. We even had a chance to go to some garage sales in NC. Scored a pair of retro lamps. Can't wait to unpack and see what I purchased.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous trip! :)

  2. vintage eye,
    Yes! We had a super time. I love seeing my family. I don't have any family that live close to me. I miss them so. Love road trips, too.



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