Vintage Farmhouse Chic

The words 'farmhouse' and 'chic' seem to be completely opposite. Yet these opposites blend quite nicely. I have such an eclectic home but, for some reason Summer brings out more of the farmhouse decorator in me. I love the color and warmth of this enamelware bowl above. It reminds me of the times in the kitchen with grandma.

The farmhouse look blends, natural elements like feathers, flowers, sheds with the utensils and equipment used on the farm and kitchen. Of course, what would a farm be without animals. The element of farm animals makes the look come alive. On the other hand, the chic look blends, crystal, glass, scones, shimmery, elegance, chandeliers and modern lines. Blend these two looks just right and you'll have the perfect  temperature for the Vintage Farmhouse Chic look.

Little Lamb

Antique Black Bench with Chic Pillows

Antique Advertising Pail

Vintage Enamelware Teapot

Turkey Feathers

Vegetable Grater
Vintage Enamelware Long Handle Ladle

You don't have to go totally Vintage Farmhouse Chic,
just blend one of each element into your decor.
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