Jewels By JOI & Creations

Artisan, Joy Marciniak, is new to our Artisan Gallery at our online store

In her cottage studio is where she creates pretty things. She's inspired by the pass, "a time easily forgotten in our hectic world" says Joy. Her jewelry and accessories are made from semi-precious stones and findings that she has collected through out the years, along with vintage items and modern finds for that timeless style. Her home design collection, prides itself in using mostly refurbished items. She enlisted the help of one senior citizen, that does wonders with fabric and dazzling fabric painting. She loves to inspire others to create. Her studio is a haven for her friends with disablilites. A place where they can relax and assist her with the process. Truly, her designs are beautiful and inspirational!

This leather beaded aqua belt is just one of her creations. You can partner up this one of a kind belt with a playful outfit. Inspired by ocean influences, this bold, dramatic handcrafted piece layers recycled material, beads, shells, leather and stones.

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