Gazpacho with Granny Smith Apple-Basil Granita

I'm always trying something different. I found this recipe in my latest Cowboys & Indians magazine. It calls for yellow tomatoes but, I used red tomatoes. You know trying to use what's left in the garden. It still came out terrific! The twist with this recipe, is what chef Mark Kiffin says "....people don't often think of together." He's talking about the Granny Smith apples with basil granita. The granita calls for Granny Smith apples, lemon, ginger, sugar and basil leaves. The frozen treat is delicious! (I can just eat this alone in a dessert bowl.) The granita nicely compliments the bite of the jalapeno in the gazpacho, with it's sweet apple ginger and basil goodness. Cilantro is one of my favorite herbs. So, with the cilantro, red onion, yellow pepper in a red wine vinegar mix, place on top of the gazpacho and the granita on top, makes for an absolutely wonderful delicious taste! Above is a photo of my soup bowl.

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