Still Working On My Office & Studio

Wow! I have been so crazy busy out of my mine! When will I catch-up? So far I love this Retro settee in this room. It sits close to a fireplace in the studio. Real cozy. Soon I'll paint the walls. Love the plumberry color above. I have one wall picked out for that color. The organic green I love too. It's slowly getting there. An eclectic mix of vintage. I'll post more photos soon.


  1. When can I move in? It looks warm, cosy and ever so stylish! :-) xx

  2. Louise, Thanks so much. It's a long work in progress. Last week had a new front glass door installed. It's great for taking photos with the natural light shining through. Also, Chaco loves to look out the window while I work. Just got a truly funky long couch to hangout on. I'll post photos. I wish we lived close so that we can look at each others vintages goodies. Wishing you the best!



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