Organizing My Tea and Things

If you're like me you never have enough room for all your things. This time of year is the best to get organized for your life this new year. Finding vintage and antique items are always a fun way to get started organizing. Being the tea lady that I am, it's hard to store all my varieties in one place but, recently I came up with a solution. I took my chippy antique Chinese chest from my other room and put it in the kitchen. It's now filled with all kinds of tea. The scene on the chest is from an old Chinese opera. Love this chest. Copper teapots make for a great hideaway storage or bank.

Here's another antique Chinese chest with two doors again, with opera scenes. We store extra magazines and whatnot's. Many years ago this chest stored the most beautiful silk opera costume. The beautiful Chinese wedding basket above the chest is made of elmwood. This too is a very old piece, the custom at a Shan Xi wedding was to have this basket to serve sweets to the wedding guests then later it would turn into a lunch bucket for the couple. Now a great conversation piece, antique and storage.

Vintage Indian Basket

Vintage Giant Green Chili Chalkware Bank

Vintage Receipt Hook

Vintage Wooden Bowls

Of course baskets of all shapes and sizes make for great storage. The quirky are always fun. I just picked up a super large green chili pepper made of chalkware. It's 15 inches long and around 5 inches wide. It has a hook to hang from the ceiling. Just need to touch-up the paint. Guess what? It's a bank. Maybe, I can save my pennies for more vintage sprees. The green vintage receipt hook I just purchased on Etsy is for my shipping receipts. Wooden bowls are my weakness. So inexpensive. Not just for fruit but, practically any storage.

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