There isn’t a better time to stock up on Kara Vita Sunscreens!!
Get three full size Sunscreens – spf 15; spf 30 and Parsol 1789
Complete Suncare for $55 (reg $68) PLUS
For every Family Sunpak you purchase,
Kara Vita will send a full size sunscreen to a soldier in Iraq.
Support our troops while protecting yourself and your family!!
Special runs the entire month of June!
Use my code for the discount thoiusc.


  1. Olivia, I am so happy to see your face on this site.. Makes it more real. Did you ever live in Newton, NJ area?

  2. I was raised in New York City and PA. Thank you for commenting. Have a super sunny weekend!

  3. Sorry. I didn't answer the question. No, I never lived in NJ.

  4. Hi Olivia,

    We just ran across this post. Thanks so much for your support and spreading the Kara Vita line with others :)



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