The Squirrel and I

How did we get to this madness? Well, let me tell you. I started feeding Mr. Squirrel this Winter. He would come to the window every morning and I would leave nuts outside. Mind you during the Winter we don't have the screen in the window. Pop open the window and out goes the nuts on the outside ledge. We became friends fast even though, Chaco didn't like my new friendship. Well, about three weeks ago I wanted to see how strong our friendship had become. I opened the window, thrust out my hand with an appetizing heap of unshelled nuts. My little friend was so excited he leaped onto the ledge went for one nut, out of many and to his surprise and mine, he got a pinky finger instead. A shrilling scream! Chaco to the resue. Barking away. Defending his mommy. Mr. Squirrel leaped away. It was a mistake. Just a little misunderstanding, as blood squirted from my finger, I began to think, doesn't Mr. Squirrel want to be my friend anymore. Then I looked up. Mr. Squirrel was back. The look on his face was as if he was saying "I'm sorry. Your brown finger looked like a nut. Do you still want to be friends?"  Needless, to say it was a big misunderstanding. He still comes everyday. Warmer weather calls for a screen in the window. Now Mr. Squirrel is trying anything to come visit us in the kitchen. I think if he could sit at the breakfast table and eat with us he would.

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