Super Cold!

Second day of the new year and I'm freezing! It's super cold! In the teens today but, the weatherman said if feels like single digits. Great day to hangout at home. My hubby has been on vacation for two weeks at home. Needless to say he's been an eating machine. He's hungry every minute. All this baking and cooking has made me one tired girl. But, it's fun. Today I baked stromboli and tonight a butter pecan cake. I never bake alone. As, you can see from the photo, Chaco is always around, waiting for any morsel to drop. He hit the mother load tonight . Yes, a drop of butter rum icing almost hits the floor! But like a Pittsburgh Steeler, Chaco runs and makes a great interception! Yeah! Go Chaco! Go! I'm not suggesting dogs eat sweets or junk food. It's bad for them. Labs you have to watch. They try to eat anything. I always put all food more than a paws reach up from him. We love our Chaco! Well, I'm going for my last cup of tea for the evening. Until tomorrow!

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