Morel Mushrooms

My husband quite the adventurer and hunter he is, found the mother load of morel mushrooms. Oh, it's that time of year for morel hunting in PA. I never hunted for morels before. I heard all this talk about them, how hard it is to find them and how wonderfully delicious they taste. Tonight, I thought I would be the judge of that. So, I called up my professional chef friend 1,900 miles away. He gave me some great tips. I'm not a chef but, I thought I was tonight! So, I cooked up chicken breast in a pan. In another pan I sauteed white wine, parsley, green onions, garlic and morels. I patiently looked at my husbands face for the final verdict. Yes! It was fantastic! He loved it! We wanted more but, to late it was all gone. We ate it up so fast. Needless to say, I might become a morel hunter too.

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