The Little Antique Rocking Chair that Almost Got Away

This sweet child's antique rocking chair I had for quite some time. Last summer I thought I would sell it at our gigantic two day antique sale. Believe me I won't forget that weekend. It was a blustering 90 degree weekend, with 90% humidity. We sold almost every antique furniture piece we had. Needless to say, to make room for more stuff. This sweet rocker almost had a buyer, but they passed. Can you believe that? Well, maybe it was meant to be. A couple of weeks ago when I was cleaning the guest bedroom, to make it kid cozy for our granddaughter, I remember the antique rocking chair. I thought what a nice addition to the room. Of course, she would prefer the room to have all pinks, purples, and Dora the Explorer decor. I have to say it is a adult looking room. So, to have a balance medium, I put some of her favorite colors and things, along with the antique rocking chair. Does a three year old really care about decor? Well, let me tell you this, they do! When her eyes first met the antique rocking chair, she put her little hands up on her cheeks and said " OMG I love it!" She grabbed the pink pillow and began to rock. Now, one of her favorite things to do when she comes over, is to rock in her antique rocking chair, notice she claimed it, and hold her baby doll. This little antique rocker almost got away. I'm so happy it didn't. And, the sweetest little girl claimed it!

1 comment:

  1. Lucky you...having a grandbaby for that chair. I have my dad's rocker (75 years old, at least), and will not pass it on until we have a sweet baby for it. Buster, our four legged "grand dog" won't appreciate it. Enjoy every minute with your treasure.



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