Is it Easy Being Green?

In honor of Earth Day today, I like to share with you things I've been doing to be more earth friendly. I'm not fanatical but, I do my best. Refer to my blog post 'Entertain in Green' for fun going green party tips.
  • Since I'm tea crazy, I've been reusing tea leaves in potting soil mix, followed by an occasional watering with a tea infusion.
  • Every year I plant trees. Especially fruit trees.
  • We plant a small veggie and fruit garden for the summer.I'm not much for canning but, if all possible I freeze what I can of garden goodies.
  • I try not to use to many paper towels. Instead, cloth towels that can be washed.
  • I'm really into bamboo products. It's grass, not a tree. Very environmentally friendly! My cutting boards are bamboo. Now it's easy to find bamboo plates, utensils and cups at your local store.
  • In this past year I really cut down on driving. I combine errands in one trip.
  • All my bills I have sent via email rather then paper bill in the mail.
  • Papers I printed on once and don't need again, I use the other side as note paper.
  • Among my circle of friends, we gather clothes or household items and see who needs what. That's always fun! Especially clothes or shoes we exchange. If none of us need it we donate the items to charities.
  • Turn of lights and unplug appliances when not in use. I'm still working on doing this better.
  • I have my own cloth shopping bag. If I happen to forget, I ask the check-out clerk for paper. If they don't offer paper, I just scoop the items in my arms.

That's just a few.

There's more ways I'm trying to be more earth friendly.

How about you?

It's easy going Green in just small aspects of our lives!

Pear Tree Blossom

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