1887 Happy Days

Happy Days is a book I found at the local flea market. The spine was in bad shape, some pages fragile and missing. This 1887 book, I found to be quite full of engravings, poems and stories. To me a treasure! The engravings have so many uses. Sometimes I copy them and use to make cards or gift tags. I frame some. Decoupaging some pages of the book can be fun. Just reading some of the poems and short stories are quite interesting. Above is one sweet engraving and one Spring poem.


  1. Hi Olivia, this is such a gorgeous blog - I love the things you've posted. I don't know why I haven't visited here ...
    This book you've found is certainly a treasure ... I think I'm a little 'jealous', lol. I love fossicking through recycling yards & opp shops (as we call them) - it's amazing what can be found.

  2. Elena,
    I think if I was in Australia with you or you were here close by in the US, we would be dangerous together on shopping adventures. Thanks for the compliment and browsing my other blog.



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