My Office Makeover Decorating Challenge

Office makeover! I'm not done yet. But, I'm slowly making changes. Do you think I like blue and white? Come on laugh with me. I'm going to mix the old with the new. I already have a small chandelier up. My walls will need a fresh coat of paint. As you can see I have some antiques already in place. My floor! Oh my! I'm not sure yet. They're solid wood. I have a rug in mine. I love chocolate, blue, gold and reds hues. This is a tiny office space. Maybe a mirror. I'll ask my assistant Chaco. Doesn't he look dapper? Any questions asked of course must be rewarded with a yummy doggie treat. When I'm done I'll show you the complete makeover.


  1. If that is your office I want to move in! You are doing a great job. Are you a professional interior decorator? If you are not than you should be.

  2. Thanks for the compliment. I'm not a professional. Just a lady with so many interests. I hoard decorating magazines and watch home interior shows. My office was such a mess! I said this is enough! I want beautiful. I'll post photos of the process in the next couple of weeks. Ideas are popping up in my head.



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